Thursday, December 6, 2007

Astrology, Religion and Physics


We do not believe in the laws of physics neither do we believe in God, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and so on. Belief freezes discovery and comprehension because you don’t really know and we need to learn directly, empirically, not through other people’s expressions because those people might be correct, inspired and divine but they might equally be deluded, propagandists and/or mad. If you don’t know you can’t tell and might end up on some kool-aid line saying: “I believe” or some science show saying, in effect: “Anything not in our canon is nonsense” be it UFOs, astrology, Kabala, Bigfoot, angels, psychic perceptions and so on….

If you are alert, inquiring and observant of the phenomenology of your own life and inferentially from the lives of others and events and transformations in nature (nature including sub-atomic wave-particles as well as Black Holes at infinity’s borders) you will discover gaps in the narrative of reality, the observations and measurements you rely on to create a conservative safety zone of understanding around and within you to hold off the unending, surrounding mystery that lays siege to human consciousness.

Most tend to paint over “aberrant” manifestations of reality whether some physical “miracle” or so-called psychic perception. “I don’t believe in this or that.” “Experts” are quoted. No one is ever an expert in truth, just in technique. You are free from belief when you know a thing. You know if you look and listen without prejudice, without trying, without reaching conclusions; this keeps discovery, creativity alive. Knowing can’t be stored it must be rediscovered every time you look, inquire, perceive. Knowing is the opposite of OCD (and face it, we’re all prey to it) from the baseball batter tugging and twitching to the scientist who can’t abide what he can’t measure. There’s no system for discovery: ask the mathematician who finally finds the formula, the musician who gets it right, a poet, anyone stymied by their tired old boring brain that suddenly sees the light. System depends on memory and memory is never new by definition while discovery is always new.

As is generally conceded, energy in spacetime is kinetic - the result of motion. Quantum speculators including String theorists have tried to show that gravity is a form of energy but the results are unconvincing. It seems closer to a condition of space harking back to Riemannian geometric definitions where gravity is a deformation of space in effect shortening the distance between objects and the “shortening” increasing as objects get closer to one another. The shortest distance would be where the binding forces of atoms lock them in. When they collapse and you’ve got only neutrons left and in Black Hole status the distance must approach zero.

Gravity causes motion and produces energy. An atomic blast is obviously kinetic and in principle every dislodged, transformed and scattered wave-particle could be brought back to the point of explosion and restored with nothing missing. New combinations still contain the original material; i.e. hurling a bag of marbles in a field then finding them and filling the bag again. Anti-matter is just a 100% efficient version of the blast. Nothing is “annihilated;” everything is conserved because matter/energy can’t exit spacetime no matter how fast and far it goes. Yet we all seem to sense there’s more, there’s mystery, there’s stuff that isn’t subject to engineering, spacetime calculation, conservation and measurement.

So, in order to seriously discuss the so-called “occult” and related “spiritual” subjects we need to ask: what is always there and not subject to the rules of space and time? What is outside of mechanical memory-driven systems, the basis of our brains, computers, indeed all life-forms and inorganic processes from the sun to the darkest star? The first expression we find is “insight.” The eureka effect. The language for this is metaphor whether linguistic, mathematical or otherwise. What is called “genius” is insight. Genius is a negative capacity so no one can “be” a genius. “You” are only memory; insight cannot be stored as it is obviously a condition of perception, discovery in an endless process of transformation. Nothing is ever the same twice because of the continuous variations of motion. Look at a tree, a person, a planet, a sun…altering form and appearance until the physical coherence breaks down and then still goes on transforming until final entropy wears out the wave-particles right to the last photon in the universe. How?

There is no reason to talk about time and space separately since both are functions of motion. They are motion. What happens when acceleration, gravity in a “black hole,” for instance, wears out even the spin, the angular momentum (acceleration) of a wave-particle? Well, if there isn’t any motion left time and space end. After the last photon goes no more universe. Where does it go? Where did it come from? Picture a one-particle universe. What would spin it into being? With one particle there’s motion therefore time but no space because no distance. The particle is the universe. Add particles and we go from one to three dimensions – time as number four is useful in calculations but exists only as a consequence of motion. It’s a semantic and mathematical convenience. When we talk about dimensions in the following we mean coherent environments (frames of reference) not subject to spacetime laws of conservation of energy/motion, and so on.

Anything that isn’t kinetic and can’t be stored isn’t subject to time or distance like insight and, one presumes gravity. Everything comprising yourself and the sense perceived universe is mechanical and is comprehended by motion defining time and distance. Our human senses are notoriously limited and our measuring tools are extensions of these limited senses whether theoretical math or practical engineering; an inevitable prejudice which tends to limit perceived results to the parameters of our expectations. Einstein’s remark regarding the “ether” - “if it cannot be detected it doesn’t exist” - is best applied to an absent spouse. Things unseen may or may not be there and the limitations of your search methods aren’t reality’s fault. We try to exclude what doesn’t fit into the comfort zone. Exploring nature is like a trial where the prosecution (say science) and the defense (say religious imagination) leave out information that doesn’t help their case. It’s that simple. Human nature = fear leading to philosophical OCD.

Insight seems like gravity, producing energy in our personal and general universe without being subject to the conservation laws that effect substance. So we want to inquire if and how insight is a true gateway to the other “dimensions” alluded to above; what are these dimensions; is there a total order of all non-physical universes?

To investigate this we’ll look at astrology, Kabala, physics and so forth. I ultimately realized that creativity, or discovery through insight, is like re-inventing the wheel every day. The unending transformations of all phenomena can’t be fixed so you have to go with the process. Every time you stop you’re just a memory machine again stuck in the past.

By empirical reference to what each of us has encountered in life and by inductive and deductive examination of various investigative systems we will show, hopefully, that there is no chaos and that order is intelligence and that intelligence is not comprehended by thought, the mechanical actions of the brain.

Watching the odd legal proceedings where the Darwinists met the “intelligent design” crowd it’s clear that both points of view are effectively religious, i.e., based intensely on belief. These Darwinists are slicker and better educated but depend, in the final argument, on a chaos theory of biology. While they claim there is no real theory they still insist that biological development, adaptation, etc., is somehow random. Our world just happened to turn out this way because of variable, unordered combinations of forces and effects. These Darwinists insist that there is no paradigm for, for example, life on earth. Humans and other life-forms developed through a series of accidents. The others seek order in the “mind of God” which they horrifyingly imagine resembles their own minds.

We’ll be trying to distinguish between the memory-bank, however vast, and actual intelligence which infants without much memory display. Same for the Alzheimer effect. Our culture rewards memory and confuses the two constantly. Intelligence leads to insecurity because everything’s changing. One likes to look back at older science and medicine, etc. and say how backward it was without considering (outside of fiction) how backward today will seem tomorrow and so on.

So technology obviously evolves and we’re struck again by what does not: we don’t say Archimedes, DaVinci or Newton were backward and that we’re smarter because we have computers. No one imagines anyone now is a “better” poet than Dante because time has passed. Intelligence is absolute, outside of time because it is perception – period. It acts on what you have to work with. Period. Anthropology’s semi-imaginary “early man” in some utterly undocumentable way deriving from fish, monkeys, whatever misses the point that intelligence is equivalent in all frames of reference. You are not smarter than that parrot or whale you just have different material to work with. Intelligence doesn’t evolve.

As we go on we hope to develop general and empirical, personal proofs of this inescapability.



We’ll examine why dreaming not waking is the first door to non-spacetime reality; that nothing remembered can be true; why insight is equivalent in every possible frame of reference; that conscience is insight and unaffected by time and location therefore conscience is absolute, neither moral nor immoral.

First we’ll use personal events to establish the physical basis of so-called “miracles.” How functions of insight determine and override physical actions after which we’ll examine the general case of how prediction of spacetime events follows from this as we move into the occult area. We need to establish the primacy of consciousness outside of spacetime defining and determining physical events.

Expanding awareness in reinforcement of the 5 basic sense impressions lets others atrophy and leads to limiting specializations like “analyzing” the mind through dream images instead of investigating the nature and implications of dream continua. In the long run everything you are is a reflection and expression of everything else in the universe without regard to size and distance and no belief, no ritual, no theory, no math or abstract formulations or linguistic breakdowns can separate personal consciousness from universal reality from atom one to a “Black Hole.”

Once, reading the Bible in public an intellectual fellow asked, irritably: “How can you read such nonsense?” Instead of evasively wisecracking, I said: “Religion becomes a wall between man and absolute consciousness. Any Bible can be a dirty window like the human brain. There’s truth there but it’s been chopped-up, smeared around and crumpled.” He left and said no more after giving me the look reserved for the guy who prays out loud on the subway. Someone else wondered: “What do you learn from, then?”

That was a good one.

“From life, the living,” I said. “From humans, animals…the sun, the moon, the earth…from dreams and waking. From what I can see and can’t see.”


As specialization becomes a perceptual crutch (I study only this and you that) we now look for unifying ways to consider our three fatally disparate categories. Most of the time the religious mystic represents “truth” as immeasurable while the scientific-minded declare what can’t be measured or detected by existing sense-extending human devices is meaningless while our occultist insists the immeasurable can be detected and displayed through certain finite methodologies. We mean to show the insight intelligence that reveals truths about the laws of nature is the same that reveals spiritual truths; that understanding is creativity and the order of an atom, star or galaxy is equivalent to the implicit and implicate order in all living things (humans among others) however complex the system. Equivalent meaning having the same value and effect. Further, it has physical transformations like what the Chinese call Chi. All one function like gravity, affecting everything everywhere always.

Insight, Chi, intelligence, creativity is the same (absolute) at all times and in all places; not a matter of opinion either for you or an alien in some remote galaxy; it is the identity of all life; when all you want is to understand; when you don’t want to buy or sell anything, just let the truth unfold and take you where it takes you. Just ask. As Federico Fellini the filmmaker told me when I was a young artistic aspirant: “I do what the creation demands of me.” That means if an artist loves his material, the characters, colors, and forms with utter passion they come to life and reveal themselves which only happens when you don’t impose your conditioning, theories and desires on it. When you meet a person and look and listen without prejudice, without resistance, when you meet anything in the universe that way you learn while your own history is quiet. Just ask. Just knock. Just seek. Like a child. It really works.

Laws of nature reflect insight physically. Intelligent behavior, action in our universe expresses laws basic as the rules of motion or the photoelectric effect: the actual absolute literal order of everything. You can’t hold it, keep it or produce it; it’s the first clue to validating “occult” predictive methods; it’s the first evidence that consciousness is a dimension not subject to spacetime cause and effect; the first awareness of coherent worlds containing but not contained within space and time.

We exist in both time and space and in non-time and non-space. This isn’t possible with exclusively mechanical systems. Yes, even HAL the supercomputer will never find anything new without being told or absorbing information through sensory mechanisms. Analogue thinking is like human imagination, recycling what’s already known. This isn’t biological, clearly, since inorganic beings would have insight. So why is a true machine not a being? Why is an exclusively memory-driven human often clever but never intelligent? Same reason: they both learn mechanically, through defined, limited sense apparatus and by adding the known to the known. Insight will not teach you a new word it will reveal order which is always fresh.

We touch elements of non-time/non-space in even the lowest levels of dreaming where all light, sound, substance (sensory reflections) is entirely consciousness as opposed to our waking world where the relation between mind and substance is harder to perceive. Actions in dream worlds clearly carry no cause and effect penalty: call them “karma-free.” The only causal-like consequences of dream-actions are to puzzle or trouble or please the waker. If I kill you in my dream there are no spacetime penalties.

The question of “you” and “me” in dream environments is taken up later. We note that Christ said to imagine a sin is a sin. What is freewill in a dream, for instance, and what would a sin be other than conceiving a thing in consciousness without manifestation? One resists supposing if I conceive of rape and dream of murder I’m as bad as Ted Bundy.

We will consider various religious texts; look into analysis and prediction using “occult” means and try to express these supposedly disparate and even antithetical “scientific” views of reality interactively. We will present clear cases of prediction and discovery from each approach and interface the results free of dogma whether scientific, religious or mystical showing, for instance, how one could predict the results of the Manhattan project without being able to produce an atomic bomb oneself and why this sort of interface is vital to a balanced science, spirituality and atemporal integrated picture of reality both physical and non-physical.

So far as the Bible is concerned especially Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus (the fountainhead of Judaism and all the straining at gnats that afflicts it to this day) we treat revelation rather than law as the key to understanding. By revelation is meant the play of insight.

Nowhere is all this better put than in the book of The Wisdom of Solomon:

22] for wisdom, the fashioner of all things, taught me. For in her there is a spirit that is intelligent, holy, unique, manifold, subtle, mobile, clear, unpolluted, distinct, invulnerable, loving the good, keen, irresistible,
[23] beneficent, humane, steadfast, sure, free from anxiety, all-powerful, overseeing all, and penetrating through all spirits
that are intelligent and pure and most subtle.
[24] For wisdom is more mobile than any motion; because of her pureness she pervades and penetrates all things.

25] For she is a breath of the power of God, and a pure emanation of the glory of the Almighty; therefore nothing defiled gains entrance into her.
[26] For she is a reflection of eternal light, a spotless mirror of the working of God, and an image of his goodness.


Like the Koran, the Old Testament allows a lot of “wriggle room” to justify non-spiritual behavior; both books combine revelation with history, folklore and politics where racism and violence is often lauded as in Joshua. In Mahomet’s case he was forced into temporal rulership while the Bible is packed with the small and large doings of Kings and generals as well as many bearers of the Big Word. Krishna in the Bhagavad-Gita is similar. We find laws that require generations of brain-strain to try and justify for peoples who no longer live in desert tents. The Gospels resemble early Buddhist texts in their purity of purpose as well as certain of the Vedas and so on. The Christ books contain limited (highly edited) biography and focus on teaching. Much of the Apocrypha is as solid as the Canon and (in Christ’s case) follows the same pattern. A book is not truer because it was written closer to an event as news stories show. Again, because the issue of genuineness is irrelevant to truth it really doesn’t matter at all except to scholars. You can’t determine if God or the Devil influenced any text because the truth is all up to you, to each one of us to perceive while a book is only words.

Before looking at this material and for clarity we need to consider defining ways of treating religion and science that limits subjectivity. Generally, in our culture science and the spirit are represented as mutually exclusive approaches to contemplating and examining existence. Among scientists this view didn’t apply to the likes of Pascal, Newton, David Bohm or Einstein, for example; the popular view in the West considers spiritual/psychic phenomena a psychological effect that exists apart from “real” investigations into reality; the rebuttal falls to equally narrow minds that, generally, depend on faith to hop over analysis and measurement. Both sides, however, are “faith-based” in essence.

Generally, most debunkers of the spiritual or occult rely on engineering outcomes and precise replication of results - enough to put an end to evolution right there. Debunkers feed on ideas like the familiar is more real than the unfamiliar, that what cannot be fractionalized or examined in causal experiments doesn’t have to be seriously considered. It’s thinking that unknown animals don’t exist until you find one or unknown civilizations beyond the earth aren’t there unless they talk to you. It’s all a question of how and what you examine reality with. Note that theoretical physics, the ever shifting cutting-edge of spacetime comprehension tends to blur the strict definitions beloved of the debunker. Debunking is truly an unhealthy form of skepticism disguising dogmatism as investigation. Christians among others have tended to reject occult practices not because they don’t produce results but because the methods are supposedly forbidden by God and so forth. It’s hard to find a solid basis for this in “God’s mouth.” You get something in Leviticus along with divers other strange admonitions. On the other hand Moses was clearly an “ordained” magician as were many other sign-readers, Joseph of Egypt et al. The fact is the prohibition against reading the future is a misconception and is limited to certain forms of taking omen.

As above, looking at the spacetime universe defined only by motion producing time and measurement gets blurry and escapes precise calculation as you move to the infinitesimal or reach to the borders of existence. As suggested, extreme theorists with their radical spatial geometries and near mystical relativistic formulations swing closer to the spiritual/occultist territory than is usually comfortable for most of them or the average academics.

To make our case for a fusion of approaches to understanding nature we’ll look very simply at basic issues, assumptions and definitions. We can’t take much for granted when stepping into the unknown. Let’s start with time. A moment’s reflection shows that the genesis of time is motion and distance is, in effect, created by motion so if no form of matter/energy whether imprecisely termed particle or wave or both moved linearly or spun in the universe there could be no time or space as we imagine, define and measure. Place 2 apples on the table. By placing them you define distance in the clock time it takes to set them down. At rest to measure how far apart they are again requires motion and time whether you use optics, rulers or radar.

There is no distance beyond where anything has come; this is the easy explanation of the finite universe. No matter how it began the universe seems to expand as if from a fixed starting point. Distance, space only exists within the now vast confines of the outskirts of expansion; no “empty space” lies beyond the outskirts of spacetime’s matter, measure and energy. The definitional extent suggests an “event horizon” as with a Black Hole and based on gamma burst information there may be a “wall” of overlapping Black Holes defining the outskirts of this universe. So that way the universe contains its finite self enclosed by nothing while interpenetrated and spun into form by the non-time and space dimension AKA consciousness, spirit, Father and so on.

The “counterintuitive” observation that the universe is not just expanding it is accelerating apart is simply explained by a surrounding super gravitational phenomenon. There’s no way around the fact that in this universe you can’t have acceleration without some attractive force or a propulsion system. So called “wormhole” space travel or any variant wouldn’t involve acceleration, for example.

To conform to relativity it’s proposed that Black Holes in forming emit gamma bursts in two directions only along a cylindrical axis instead of radiating 360 degrees like a sun. You can’t detect these bursts unless the axis points generally towards you and as they can’t all be aimed at earth there would be a very large number of them undetected at the outskirts of spacetime and might create a “wall’ in effect where the continual manifestation and the ending of entropy takes place; beginning and the end. Alpha and omega. This doesn’t mean there are no such phenomena well within the universe, of course.

All measuring rods depend on motion. Physicists talk about “metaphysical” time but there’s nothing really metaphysical about it: it just means if you don’t subdivide motion it still moves. A clock subdivides, for instance. Peoples who live like clockless aboriginals are perfectly aware of motion, age and its consequences without fractionalized measurement. As we’ll discuss along the way, if all motion ceases in every component of a subject system (say Captain Kirk or an apple) he or it becomes, in effect, a “ghost” in relation to the spacetime universe. This is, except for linguistics, entropy. No one can see into a Black Hole whether with math or any other spacetime operation or device - Catch 22. Later we’ll ponder the possible results of unevenly distributed entropy in a Black Hole producing the same “ghost” effect and allowing the massed, stored matter/energy to be released at once or in “hiccups.” Why we only detect gamma rays and not other radiation such as photons is not really explained in a satisfactory way, however.

Transmitting atoms on a light beam, for instance, is not teleportation as sketched in Star Trek-like science fiction where Kirk is beamed into other ships, underground chambers, etc. The real way would be to convert the teleportee into a temporary “wormhole” not subject to conservation laws, thus time and space. Kirk, when the spin and related motion in his body ceases would pass as a “ghost” from an observer point-of-view instantly anywhere through anything. We will come back to this. If you could phase and heterodyne these ghost effects (like a/c current) you’d get faster than light travel in controlled bursts.

If we develop special expressions for the acausal/atemporal/spiritual we’ll have to include without prejudice basic things like conservation of matter and energy as transformations of reality but that part, framework limited to and defining time and space nevertheless is contained in a timeless “zip-file” in the “ghost” dimension(s): the Akashic record of the Hindu, the “memory of nature” or the infinite omniscience of God. All equivalent. Phantoms of beings and events are not lost souls

In short, the world we physically and psychologically pass through has a defining paradigm not subject to spacetime measurement and laws of conservation of matter and energy. This would require that we only partially exist in spacetime. The famous “chakras” that yogis and others try to awaken and utilize, the chi or ki of Asia that seem to temporarily supersede physical limitations could then be considered as umbilical nexi that map various bands or dimensions onto living beings interfacing no-time no-space with spacetime. So a Buddhist, Taoist, Cabalist, Christian mystic or Vedic Hindu would just say the Divine produces and pre-empts the merely mortal and physical. A miracle, for instance, is an ordinary sub-function of divinity. Not good enough for our purposes even if true because the perceptual language of spirit and science remain divided. We want to find a common speech for the “chi” magic of, say, a brick breaking martial artist, a levitating guru, a fire-walking devotee or a sheer “miracle” like loaves and fishes or passing through intact physical substance and so on and the plain speech language of spacetime science stripped of a math that as it refines itself and yields useful results still cannot be visualized and fails at physical extremes.

Once you establish that insight is equivalent in all frames of reference and independent of time then we can extend that to the idea of physical insight producing effects like teleportation, loaves and fishes and so on. But first let’s look at simple stuff.

For example:

The “debate” between “evolutionists” and “creationists” where semi-scientific discourse and a mocking comedic tone is set against a rigid reading of Genesis which can make anyone look silly because of the simplicity of the existing text. If one recorded the first atomic bomb test in the language of Genesis one could mock it as myth in some future time as with famous ancient Hindu descriptions of apparent nuclear blasts along with flying machines and lasers. An open and subtly imaginative reading of Genesis as it stands in English can mildly begin to be reconciled with particle and astrophysics in extreme shorthand description without explanation as follows:

There’s a little humor with a hint of truth beyond the text itself.

a) “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.

b) The beginning of this cycle of expansion (Big Bang) the universe was formed by various combinations of forces with a coherent ordering principle and in time produced the earth. Only to the willfully incoherent can the ordering principle seem accidental.

The fact is that using only spacetime derived logic, extrapolation, measurement and math we are entirely vague about the origin of the seed of the Big bang. Just consider a single wave/particle universe; make it a photon/anti-photon pair. How would it be formed? What does gravity mean then? Distance and time? You won’t get gravity until you have at least an atom. A single particle universe (the Wee Bang) yields only time. The photon spins. As spin is acceleration it also ages and so must die. No space here since wherever the particle is is all there is. A two particle universe yields distance as well as time. All relationships are linear; you can draw a straight line between the particles without distortion. Is there gravity? Atoms have a binding “force” that suggests averaging into macro-gravity so without an atom our particles won’t attract one another. A three particle universe creates dimension if we assume the birth point of our tiny universe reflects the spherical emission everywhere observed. So prior to the Big or Wee Bang what was there to put the spin on to create substance, time and space, etc.?

a) “Let there be light.”

b) Photons are emitted by interactions of wave/particles. Subsumable functions.

Speculative equations and specialized observations projected from local phenomena and extrapolated billions of light years and over billions of centuries of motion are really the support of present astrophysics and may have little basis in fact. One reason is that such science constantly changes perceived rules. The best we get over say the past 200+ years is a continuing associative resemblance in math and investigative mechanisms. Again, what generated the first wave/particle? Like Gödel’s proof that math cannot prove itself no manipulation of physical substance can explain its origins. You can’t demonstrate or disprove the higher dimensions without accessing them; there’s just inference as we’re trying here.

The real trouble with Genesis is that it has been reduced to such shorthand. Too bad it doesn’t say God caused night and day by rotating the world. The sun and moon (and with good eyes Venus) are seen to be round and the text never says the earth is flat or anything really outré.

Still, the Bible works as a description of a remote byproduct of the original origin of the universe. The earth forms and bubbles and stirs and then various life forms eventually including people are popped into the soup as it cools.

Evolution has become a popular science/religion or dogmatic frame of reference. The result, of a jury trial in the South won by a great lawyer [1] who might easily have taken either side of the case (as lawyers will) somehow, in America, seems to have made him John the Baptist to the “divine” Darwin who was no Einstein though he got around and took the trouble (unlike academics) to study nature directly.

Well, humans love the idea of “progress” maybe because they achieve so little in a personal sense and don’t live very long. The same reason religion in general attracts them. We want to be “getting somewhere” to do great stuff and so keep our collective minds off where we’re really going and what we actually do. Mechanical systems can be shown to evolve in a real sense while living beings just adapt. Now, why does one think you cannot have hyper-rapid adaptation? The idea of starting off as a tadpole or something then swimming and groveling “up” until you are able to unleash atomic bombs is pretty creepy and intrinsically defective because it makes insight time-dependant. And species-dependant; so why not race-dependant? That’s a nice thought. Africans never developed super-technology so Europeans etc, are “better” than they are. Ideas like that were considered scientific notions in the 19th and 20th century.

We have to investigate all phenomena including the “spiritual” and “occult” with appropriate means and methods, for example, thou shalt not hunt ghosts with radar or write equations for Heaven - not yet, anyway; neither explain gamma bursts with prayer. Further, apply not thy laws of motion to the “Holy Ghost.” Neither measure the infinite with short rulers or count the timeless. The thing to avoid is faith. In the end all functions of spacetime and non-spacetime “higher” dimensions should map into one another from easily demonstrated “chi” to more elusive auric colors and dream-like effects, psychic perceptions expressible where they border or interact with photons, gravity and so on and, of course, overlapping, sentient worlds. We’ll lay some formal and not-so-formal ground rules and postulates for ourselves here:

1) Mechanical systems evolve, organic living systems cannot. Inorganic living systems ought to follow the same rule so an angel or some silicon-based life form would be equivalent to people and so forth. Let’s define a living system as one capable of insight regardless of the extent or speed of its memory as well as being able to adapt physically and otherwise to changing circumstances regardless of environment. Adapt, not adjust; a machine adjusts. A baby with barely any brain-inscribed memories will show intelligence at once, doesn’t get smarter with time as all discover and removing memories later in life doesn’t make you dumb, just forgetful. Intelligence is a state of discovery which appears when memory is stilled, prejudice erased and the mind is open and passionately focused to understand; a totally creative state which expands and reorganizes the conditioned brain and, as insight, can’t be stored but only continually re-discovered.

Generations of machines like computers become smaller, faster and more powerful over time while remaining incapable of insight being entirely limited to and dependant on memory expressions. Artificial Intelligence is a misnomer based on the notion that intelligence is equivalent to comparing bytes of recollection and extrapolating data; merely the known re-mixed with the known. A just initialized computer drive has no memory nor will it acquire any on its own and wait as it might will have no flashes of revelation. Neither will a human who lives increasingly in his conditioning and becomes a secondhand collection of other people’s ideas. Inasmuch as humans follow this rule they will always lose the chess game to the machine, that is, the more you mistake memory functions for intelligence the dumber you become: intelligence is a flexible response to an ever-changing universe. Insight operates independent of causality first, in the sense that you can’t produce it at will and, second, because, being truth, it is not altered or caused by time passing.

A law of nature may alter over time subtly mirroring the infinite consciousness but is not more or less true now than in any past or future that altered to suit; only our expressions of it vary. On command no one can make you have an insight. “Which of you by taking thought can add one inch to his height?”

So we begin with the simple observation that reconstituting the past into new forms is imagination not insight since nothing new is involved. Insight is always new. Try to imagine something you’ve never seen and you’ll discover it’s put together from things you have seen; the unknown is what you haven’t seen yet and has no finite limit if it extends beyond spacetime.

The idea is that non-time and space intelligence cannot improve on itself but anything in spacetime can and must if it reflects constantly unfolding truth. Remember, truth is a state of perpetual discovery, not new or old facts: the state itself; neither logical nor illogical. It always ends the same way when you run out of time and space: something dies. So the big word is gather atemporal treasure that can never be spent or stolen for “where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” Everything must be understood by each being and not left to authority. God is like gravity. Do you believe in gravity and set up temples to worship it? But, to most, God is like gravity to someone in free fall: no way to directly detect it though it is moving you through space and time.

You are not more insightful than Pythagoras or Plato because time has passed. You don’t write better than Homer because time has passed. Insight reorganizes the brain conditioned by a lifetime (or maybe lifetimes) of love, frustration, hate and hope and despair.

Imagine we’re all like shielded lightbulbs being lit by an electromagnetic field and how bright a bulb depends on how much you open your dull shield and let in the juice. It’s all up to you and no one can do it for you.

2) The question gets asked why does or would or could a divine supreme being allow “bad” things to go on. Apart from the fact that “bad” is often relative and like “morality” varies from time to time and place-to-place, the meat of the first question is really what do you mean by a “being?”

Let’s just talk about humans layer by layer: simply put a human being is composed of mainly local physical substances animated by the energy of combustion and more subtly by electric and electro-magnetic processes. Because this human system comes equipped with means to interface its environment, perceive and record information received with varying degrees of accuracy a memory system is created based on sense-perceptions which tends to create a sense of self vis a vis other re-enforced by having physically independent bodies as well as brains unlike, say, termites ants or even lemmings and clustering fish. Physical sense perceptions obviously focus on narrow bands of spacetime reality: dogs and bears smell so much better there’s no comparison; bats, sea creatures hear in almost unimaginable ways…taste…touch, whatever. Humans generally perceive narrow bands of photonic radiation and little else in that line. Technological humans develop various sense-enhancing devices that extend their perceptions but still are narrowed and limited by their sensory characteristics and expectations; for example, what sort of instruments might Dolphins devise (if they could) or aboriginals, if they would?

The brain is essentially a memory machine whose content is continually altered by new information coming in and old often being lost; the brain’s systems (patterns of operation) are changed by insight on all the levels we’re talking about. As, for instance, learning to drive or play an instrument, hit a ball; you try and try and then suddenly, eureka, you can do things without thinking. Don’t imagine your muscles have become intelligent; rather intelligence has taken them over.

So creativity is perception and comprehension of the nature of things thus a discovery of order and the motion of life whether in the world or a design of your own reflecting it. The not yet known appears. This is a passive state that leads to new action.

The original meaning of “genius” is close to the truth: informed by spirit.

You can’t “be” a genius because you can’t contain, remember insight; just the effect the same way the next dimension cannot be remembered. If memory dominates we get repetition of the past, conservative behavior and perspective. The terror of most humans is that their memories will be totally erased which is considered death. Here’s a perfect expression from the Wisdom of Solomon of the delusions about intelligence, life and death:

[1:16] Ungodly men by their words and deeds summoned death; considering him a friend, they pined away, and they made a covenant with him, because they are fit to belong to his party. For they reasoned unsoundly, saying to themselves, short and sorrowful is our life, and there is no remedy when a man comes to his end, and no one has been known to return from Hades. Because we were born by mere chance, and hereafter we shall be as though we had never been; because the breath in our nostrils is smoke, and reason is a spark kindled by the beating of our hearts. When it is extinguished, the body will turn to ashes, and the spirit will dissolve like empty air. Our name will be forgotten in time and no one will remember our works; our life will pass away like the traces of a cloud, and be scattered like mist that is chased by the rays of the sun and overcome by its heat. For our allotted time is the passing of a shadow, and there is no return from our death, because it is sealed up and no one turns back.

So like computer programs over time the memory machine fails and has to be transferred to another machine. One can imagine an evolved memory device that functions storing photons or sorting atoms in a magnetic field with less wear than a simple transformer yet even these system will age and break down in and over time erasing and re-writing “file” after “file” suggests the mechanism of re-incarnation in non-living systems. We will empirically take up ways of inferring and maybe demonstrating forms of re-incarnation.

Since insight is recognition without cause it can never be uprooted and erased; never subject to entropy, the wearing out and cooling away of time and space because of spin alone: the spin of subatomic particles which produces angular acceleration and must eventually wear them out. It cannot be covered over any more than light can erase light.

Any model for a divine being must comprehend total and perpetual insight. So such a being can’t be defined as a particular collection of history and habit so there’s no politics and prejudice, no morality and local preference beloved of humans and for all we know inhabitants of the Great Galaxy in Andromeda. Like our “magnetic” field that lights your bulb operating without preference for any particular one. So non-divine being is a good definition of essential limitation. Even positing layers and levels of increasingly subtle intelligence (angels, aliens, transformed humans) being finite in any sense defines a core, a center, an I.

Validation can only be individual no matter how general the phenomena considered. Let’s turn to “miracles” in this sense. The idea is to show the limits of a spacetime explanation of certain indisputable events; indisputable because they happened to me but hopefully will resonate with others so bridging among us with inference. This is a starting point to look in the right direction when we see, for instance, a being white as snow shining like flame sitting on the rolled back rock outside the tomb or hear the music of the spheres or perceive some ineffable glory of light that lays out all life and time before you…or new laws of nature.

Whether you are the first to comprehend the relativity of time or you just noted it yesterday the truth is always yours. Truth isn’t a race going to the swiftest. Someone noting the timeless and infinite and the rules thereof first is a non-sequitor, anyhow.

There can’t be external proofs of the spiritual in our universe but inferential proof is always at the outskirts as where the Black Hole dwells. When we meet the unknown (which can only be relative to what we already know) it’s human to try to make it familiar according to our conditioning and thinking in categories: if you’re part of a religious culture and you see a shining being form you tend to think angel or demon; one laymen who’s part of a scientific culture but not a scientist might feel it’s an alien or some unspecified trick or that he’d been drugged; the scientist (depending on his specialization categories) assumes it’s an illusion, hallucination, misinterpretation of data, a new technological product like a hologrammic projection and so on. None of the above humans have actually encountered the phenomenon but just reflections of themselves, their experience. You cannot experience the unknown just respond to it. To respond means to observe, encounter without choice or design so the nature of the thing can reveal itself. Looking at even familiar things this way can reveal unknown dimensions so it’s the art of creation, which is discovery. Experience is always old which leads, as in our example, to a perceptual shutdown. Again, the model of metaphor as the opening that admits insight without conclusions fits and mirrors the wider and higher view.

“Flesh,” says Christ, “is born of flesh; spirit gives birth to spirit.”

Instead of discussing walking on water 2000 years ago let’s talk about a car accident.


The cases we develop will generally be personal and so empirically anecdotal because while anyone can and most may have encountered such “anomalies” we can’t allow hearsay because maybe the person telling me about his UFO flight or vision of Mary or ghosts or how his parachute didn’t open and he landed in a sofa sitting up on somebody’s deck in Scarsdale with a martini beside him or walked on water…maybe this person is lying or deluded. I’ve been known to take the occasional drink (never drugs – it’s a kind of allergy) but if I sit on a nail I know I sat on a nail and (to again quote one of the dreary Linguistic Philosophers) “If I know I can’t be wrong.”

The whole system of semi-scientific “debunking” depends on selectively casting doubt on elements of some “disturbing phenomenon” and attacking the credibility, perception or intelligence of witnesses to whatever, no matter how expert. We might call this the “Sanhedrin Effect.” Debunking has nothing much to do with reasonable skepticism. It is probably the dreariest way to enhance stupidity and mock real understanding while clinging to some preferred past. “Debates” (as if truth were debatable) between creationists and Darwinists always end up with the former saying God said so and the latter relying on Darwin and the sneering vehemence of his seed. Both are insisting on their own model therefore both are wrong because a model is never the thing itself and there’s no reason to suppose the forces and paradigms of development and creation are mechanical and will always be the same.

Here’s a case that will serve as a not-necessarily replicable experiment.

We might call this “an anecdotal basis for quasi-teleportation” where laws of motion are suppressed or altered. Remember “potential energy” in high school physics? What if the drunk on the barstool were to topple backwards and slam to the floor? If we know his weight, the distance to the floor (assuming gravity operates evenly to keep it simple and approximate) [2]and assume he lands on one point we can write a simple expression for the force of impact. We’re proposing that for any object this is commonly true and that for living beings like the drunk it may only be relatively true, i.e., he might hit harder or less hard depending on his momentary (in this space/time) relationship with non-spacetime forces. The assumption that the drunk is relaxed and so isn’t hurt badly doesn’t hold up on close examination. More likely the drunk is closer to “dream” states. Look at all the smashed-up drunks in the world and the sober who survive “miraculously.” We imagine the coming physicist/mystic will have to deal with the “anomalies” first rather than seek to rigidly uphold consistent, local and general causal laws of nature which simply means don’t impose just observe.

Years ago I liked to drive hard, One night taking a tight turn at ca. 55mph we hit a patch of sand and went up over the rail, landed in the opposite lane on the first bounce then rolled on the slightly crossways downtilted grass and rocks towards a wooded area. The rail caused the vehicle to reverse front-to-back 180 degrees thus rolling facing opposite to the original direction of travel. Since I had no seat belt on (unlike the sole passenger beside me) I was torn from the wheel at such G forces that it was bent where my hands had been gripping it.

The car rotated around me as we rolled for ca. 50 yards, I was suspended or sustained in the center (completely relaxed and calm) as the car revolved in true Ptolemaic fashion. Objects in the car slammed around the interior, unlike me. The car finally ended upright and looked like it had been chewed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. The belted-in passenger was fine but dizzy and scared. My impression at the time was that I'd been sitting in a warm, pleasant, vibrant bath with a sense that I would not be harmed; a feeling of pure, relaxing energy infusing me. I had no sensation of detachment or of slowed time; in fact, I was counting from the first bounce: "one a thousand, two a thousand...."to five when we stopped. My eyes were open and I watched the car rotating around me while I stayed perpendicular to the ground and when we finally stopped I simply dropped less than a foot into the backseat.

Why was I suspended on the axis of the spin making no contact with the body of the car? If I'd touched, it was lightly enough to be unnoticed and leave no bruises or cuts - remember, I was half surrounded by broken glass and bent, torn metal. What might have happened to a crash dummy? I tried to create a scenario where I was simply held in the backseat by centrifugal force - except then I would not have seen the car rotating around me.[3] The initial impact on the concrete (according to the garage people) took out the right side of the car shattering the windows and crushing metal. The car is being slowed down violently by impact after impact - and the tomato juice can was being slowed by hitting the inside of the car by the simple laws of motion as a crash dummy would have been; we were all moving faster than the car without even air resistance so should all have transferred our momentum by impact. Apparently everything in the car did but me.

Anecdotally, this sort of thing must happen every day somewhere to someone. This sort of thing has convinced some people they were children of gods, immortal, destined to rule, protected by fate or Heaven. Like Alexander the Great, Macarthur or Hitler at the front line in WWI.... It’s less satisfying to conceive that these are natural (if generally irreplicable) really non-miraculous functions of a superseding infinite superconscious energy that most only seem to tap into at the gate of death. All the sages agree that you have to metaphorically die to awarely co-exist in that consciousness. At the moment the car spun out I surrendered as to death, let myself go, went “along for the ride."

It amounts to this: the car rolled about 5 times as I counted. I later walked off the distance - ca. 50 yards. As the car decelerated by hitting the ground I remained in the "eye" of the rotation as if you'd put a ball in a rolling barrel and it hung on the axis, holding position until the rolling stopped. The car, obviously, would have to slow faster than I would. Other than launching me on a flat trajectory of about 50 yards, what role did the spinning car play other than maybe, subliminally nudging me from time to time? Obviously, I moved in some kind of explicit relationship to it that suppressed our relative velocities.

A) the speedometer said 55 as I hit the turn; the friction of the fence putting us 180 degrees about would have eaten some momentum but we still covered the ca. 50 yards in about 5 sec.

B) what would have happened if I'd been in a convertible? After hitting the back seat, what further role did the surrounding cube of steel and glass play? If the car body had dissolved in mid-air, would I have just floated on in my gentle arc? The math doesn’t support me going 50 yards if launched at maybe 40 mph and being hurled, in effect, from a moving vehicle at such speed doesn’t often lead to a soft landing nor could you get such distance. This was more like a tornado anomaly. This has elements of a “miracle.” Did the super-physical dimension link temporarily weld us into a relatively inertialess system?

It starts to look like everything in our space/time environment has a certain amount of existence “gas” in its tank that sustains life until each personal “clock” runs out. Even slammed into a brick wall at 100 mph or crashing in a jet. As we’ll see, the astrological chart is one type of such a clock. Now we need an anecdotal, empirical case where something hit and passed through an intact wall, intact. We’ve left behind the wan idea that anything bigger than a photon would have to be mapped and reconstructed. Among other things, we want to “back engineer” what teleportation might actually mean.

Using another example from our own experience we’ll look at teleportation type B. It’s as close as we ever got to the wall impact situation.

I was driving a young girl back to school (both 17 years old) on route 9A in Westchester County, NY. Construction was going on in various stretches of the road. The highway was too narrow to allow three normal (at the time) passenger cars to pass abreast. The shoulders were loose earth and about 1-2 feet below the pavement level. At any meaningful speed a car putting a tire over the edge would have been disastrous.

An oil or gas truck (couldn’t tell) was coming fast in the opposite lane, bulging out over the (in those days) white line. At this point our closing speed had to be ca. 100 mph. I was doing 50 and accelerating to pass the slower car in front. I had plenty of time, it seemed, to execute this.

As I pulled out to pass the car sped up and kept pace with me as I passed 60. Now I’m facing the truck in the opposite lane. I slowed, the car next to us slowed locking us half over the line with the truck filling the oncoming lane and blat-blatting its horn.

I hit the gas and the other car did the same; the truck was too heavy to even try to stop in the rapidly closing distance. We were over 60 mph now and as the huge bumper and grille loomed up ca. two car lengths away. I pulled as close as possible to the confused, incompetent or nasty fellow on my right without contact in hopes he’d he go into the shoulder a little. Just as I shut my eyes I felt that the half of the vehicle where the girl was seated would be alright, that the car would be sliced down the middle as in some cartoon.

Eyes shut there was a twisting sensation as if I were being bent, the horn, a roaring noise, a flash of silence (I assumed was impact or death) like a jolt of dreaming breaking consciousness and then opened my eyes to see the clear, straight road, the other car still beside me but now dropping back (a glimpse of the driver’s shocked face) and then the receding truck in the rear view mirror.

I hit the brakes, the other car shot ahead and I pulled over where the shoulder was higher. The girl was paralyzed with shock. Can’t blame her.

I got out and went over the ground to work off adrenaline. There were no braking tracks on the pale concrete. No tire marks on either side of the road where we’d passed. Three cars could not pass there abreast much less 2 and a big truckbut there were no marks in the soft dirt.

The debunker in me in years to come tried to devise a “swamp gas” explanation. Maybe the road was wider than I thought, and so forth. No chance. I went back with a tape measure feeling very scientific. The truck grille had literally been in my face when I shut my eyes and said goodbye. What happened was a physical impossibility that haunted me for many years. Say we dreamt our way from point a (before truck) to point b (after truck). [4] I even allowed for the width of the truck tires in case the driver went 2/3 of them and hung over the edge and if the guy on my right did the same. No soap. At the limits of generosity we were a combined 3 feet too wide. We had to have hit the truck. Maybe I’ve been a ghost all these years.

Still, what happened? My sensations were similar to the rolling experience (except for shutting my eyes at the last instant) in that there was no fear and no detachment from the situation. I had an impression of a huge yet calm rushing sound, a popping “whooof!” Then an instant of silence and time freeze like a moment’s doze.

So, what happened? This is certainly a case of an unrepeatable experiment. At least we hope so. Which is why old theoretical science left this stuff to religion and new science focuses on tiny phenomena, probability or things really far, far away or mathematics about pure abstractions. We’d like not to posit anything that doesn’t substantially happen or echo itself in spacetime but I’d rather make up stories about expanding or contracting matter and worry about Pound/Rebka photons zipping up and down a tower at Harvard and then go to lunch. Put in a vernacular: when a bomb goes off under my ass; when an oil truck hits me; when I sail in the air or fall from heaven that’s pretty severe and focused – all-encompassing comes to mind. It’s all physics, philosophy and mundanity at once.

So what happened? My mother said, “God had protected us.” As good a notion as another. There are no atheists in car crashes. God as a concept is not God so I tend to avoid the overloaded word. What happened was I met the serious unknown not just creative aspects and unique takes on life and landscapes. The serious unknown is total, like death, overwhelming and you understand it without thought because there’s no time. No time outside of the spacetime process so we’re back to action within inaction without duality. Without process you have eternity and so the unknown always just outside of measurement and effect. Action and inaction are only dual in spacetime because the causeless infinite can’t be the opposite of anything. So spin must have stopped in every wave-particle in us and the auto.

If my sense data were reasonably accurate and my later measurements of the site roughly veridical then we must have had a head-on collision with a “ghost truck” (that blew its horn) except ghost truck is an even worse idea. Or maybe we or it or all behaved like ghosts or entrapped energy bundles and passed through one another or skipped beyond one another. Look, dividing by Planck’s constant...oh, a wild guess, the probability of what happened happening would be smaller than the average Somalian’s bank balance. If the math were extended it might prove I was insane or that it never happened. If I hadn’t been there I might agree. It would be nice to stop spin at will.

The point is when things occur you have to pay attention without prejudice and not go back to the familiar or make up imaginative stories about what goes on fifty million light years away or at the heart of an atom.

So now we have a basis for talking about miracles, loaves and fishes, raising the dead and so on which is to say that the rules of the known universe are secondary and subject to the order of the unknown made manifest. And our basis is up close and personal and requires no belief, just observation and inference. Anyone can do it. “You are all gods.”

If everything we have ever said or will say is dismissed or lost we hope that last paragraph stands. In John 14:13 Christ states that his miracles are viable evidence.

Divination/Notes on the Occult

The interaction of insight-defined frames of reference in our world demands that we now look at divination from the religious and scientific point-of-view.

1) the idea that divination is forbidden in the Judeo-Christian bible is flat false. Not only did the early Jews use the reflection of the menorah lights on the breastplates of the high priest and the reflections in his golden headband to read divine messages and look at future mortal events but they had refined dream prediction interpretation (recall Joseph in Egypt) as well as (from other sources) Cabbala and straight astrology. What was forbidden was raising spirits, talking to the dead and reading blood, guts and so forth. The way one might look down on “channeling” and necromancy, etc. because just dropping dead or being inorganic doesn’t make you wise. The same way not eating meat or killing children won’t “raise” you spiritually. Following some theory of behavior is worthless. Insight is needed and no oujia board or voice in someone’s head cannot directly provide it neither can some Pythonesse inhaling fumes in a cave because she speaks metaphor and you supply the insight – and that’s the point.

2) So now we look at astrology and reflect at the same time on various other divination systems to establish the common flow and interface. We will, again, be anecdotal and personal to avoid reliance on “authority” because if you don’t know for yourself you really just don’t know.

Divination has to depend on the layered interface we keep talking about, which is to say the so-termed “aura,” the non-photonic “angel light” enclosing and defining all living things and their aggregates. As insight is a transformation of light it accesses these layers of timeless information that contain all states of spacetime past, present and future at once. This infinite consciousness is mirrored in divination methods in that prediction results can be entirely correct in one case, more general in another and tepid in a third even when someone with a great gift is operating.

The infinite consciousness (as we’ve observed) never is quite the same twice and human consciousness reflects this in trying to keep up with it. It’s silly to criticize astrology and like investigative tools for not being statistically absolutely replicable and mechanical when, more subtly but actually, even the laws of physics fail this predictive test not to mention the extreme vagueness and unreliability of applying supposed “scientific” methods to biology where adaptation, variation and mutation make a hash of accuracy as viruses redeploy and systems change; to anthropology and (God-help-us) psychology which speaks for itself when it comes to baseless suppositions and ill-defined definitions. In medicine you can’t absolutely heal any disorder because disease isn’t absolute. End of story. Mechanical healing methods whether drugs, vitamins, acupuncture, homeopathy and so on are imprecise and drugs especially are skipped over by mutations. The viruses et al aren’t evolved into “better” viruses to defeat “better” cures; they’ve just adjusted to change. On every level change reflects intelligence and rigidity stiffens and fails. One might almost say change is intelligence.

Presumably the layers we’re talking about plug descriptively or actually into the general phenomena described by sages, bibles, etc. in every culture from aboriginal shamans to Catholic saints. Roughly, each layer of the aura reflects a different “body” expression (given the physical as bottom) and each such “body” tails off like a wave/particle into the “world” or dimension that produces it interfacing without overlap. At the peak where you touch the “Father” there obviously is no “body” formation.

Years ago in meetings with physicist David Bohm we occasionally discussed formulating ways of talking rigorously about borderline occult phenomena. We started with Newton (who, after all, pretty much perfected differential calculus and expressed laws of motion that are the basis of all subsequent theories) telling an amateur astronomer (Halley who happened to notice a comet he never predicted) who wondered how such a great mind could dawdle with alchemy and astrology: “I have studied it, sir, and you have not.” We noted that astrology resembled most human disciplines in that it overlays a systematic network of causality on the universe. We noted that the results were as least as good as psychological profiling and that certain classes of predictive results were remarkable. Bear in mind, you have to study it, sir. Really study it, not look in popular magazines and newspapers or general books or general computer programs. We once worked with a child psychiatrist for a couple of years because he determined that the analyses of kid’s charts saved him months to years in getting a handle on them because they usually held so much more back than adults “on the couch.”

OK. Mars represent passion, heat; Saturn serious, conservative cold; Mercury thinking and expression; Venus what and how you take and give worldly love and so on. How do we get a subtle and complex interaction between these metaphoric examples that tell us about human (and even animal) character not to mention prediction of events in time? Remember by the same token lines in your hand or tossed coins and dice can tell as well….

Let’s consider and then presuppose that our world (from white-European causal reasoning to aboriginal “dreamtime” internalized perception) is partly created by our observation and beliefs, e.g., someone in a shamanistic culture is made ill by a curse; the European says nothing really happened, it’s psychological, delusional, etc. By the way, that means something did happen.

As we’ve considered, science itself is conditional and, so, psychological by definition because it only accepts phenomena consistent with its various methodologies. It’s meaningless to say it really didn’t happen. If a car crashes at 100 mph into a pole (as has taken place) and 1 seatbeltless man is unhurt and the other mashed to pulp, we make up a story suggesting that some ordinary laws of nature somehow expressed themselves in an anomalous way or we call it a miracle. If a dead saint or guru fails to properly rot, looks good years later we tell stories about chemicals in his or her diet, fraud or call it a miracle of sanctity, as if the body were the point of the spirit and not a byproduct…our religion is right because x didn’t decay normally – though it happens in many religions and outside religion: religions are always false in the same sense that mathematics cannot prove itself and, once the founder is gone, become a conditioned, organizational reflex which includes the religious aspects of “science.” [5] It seems far more elegant to posit that the car crash, lack of decay, the so-called “occult” and the so-called “ordinary” as well as sub-atomic and inter-dimensional phenomena are equivalent functions. We have to show that matter from beams of light to lumps of lead is an interface function of “insight.” How can we start to demonstrate this? Back to Mars and Saturn, action and restriction, hot and cold, courage and dread, sharp pain, dull aches, etc.

Let’s picture a simple model of a finite universe rolled into, in effect, a closed system by the matter/energy it contains. Let’s imagine that n coordinates define the entire system and that we can form a kind of geodesic network of effectively massless rigid rods [6] constructing a rigid boundary say star to star. Further imagine that, as with a sphere, we can (disregarding the various effects of motion distortion, etc.) cross-connect a finite number of (essentially) massless rods from one side of this universe to the other, n light years long. Push any rod any distance from one end, say 1 millimeter. Once the original laser beam reached, say, Alpha Centauri in 4+ earth years we can now “instantaneously” cross the distance. A detectable change in energy, frequency scatter, mere pressure, whatever, produces simultaneity with respect to the clock at any end of any rod set. [7] Neither curvature nor relative motion would affect anything. Now we’ve theoretically eliminated the speed of light/time as a determining factor in covering distance without even recourse to the causeless dimension under consideration and the suppression of wave/particle spin to zip us to a destination.

So, any force acting on the “outside” of the rigid geodesic system surrounding and interpenetrating this universe could affect it equally and instantly at all n points. Further, if the outside force were actually ubiquitous and homogeneous it would really contain zero coordinate systems being everywhere at once. A kind of scalar-like effect. Stars etc. would be cusps in the universe but “empty space” would be absolutely equivalent and perhaps the energy of all condensed matter would equal the sum of the energy of empty space. It would be, in effect, the “scalar” expression mentioned above. It would have infinite magnitude without direction. Here we’re again looking for ways to relate spacetime to non-spacetime and so the spiritual to the scientific.

Meanwhile as evolution is clearly restricted to mechanical systems because of the nature of matter and energy it must eventually cease. What is it that never will cease because it never evolves and makes no process through space and time?

This is simply meant as a thought model to reflect (as with infinite consciousness infinite variations) no-time/no-space in time and space. It eases the stress for the anal reasoner in dealing with the blurs attendant on jumping over causality. Space between quantum events is the same continua as where they are perceived, for example.

In the end consciousness is continuous in all dimensions and frames of reference. That’s it. So if you’re alert and aware in spacetime you must also be the same in dreaming when the sensory body is relatively neutralized and further when its coherent systems cease to operate entirely, AKA “the big sleep.”

So we must consider birth and death now. Based on inference, observation, empirical perception and a vast amount of spiritual testimony from Yogis, Taoists, Buddhists, secret Christians and Cabbalists, Anthroposophists, Leadbeater’s people and so on, the picture of the embryo emerges as a set of complex systems energized into life by its first breath. Breathing represents far more than oxygen intake setting off the various organic cycles in the living system. The idea is that the soul (in pre-spacetime dreaming state) is absorbed into and animates the physical body at the first breath; until then it’s no more than an organic computer prior to initial download of information. Of course, as we keep saying, what you are is more than memory so this expression is just a simile.

So consciousness supersedes all other conditions.

When a system (in this case certain observable principles of astrology) functions, yields usable and reasonably replicable results but depends on the apparently uncertain operation of insight for degrees of accuracy such a system may be seen as a valid bridge relationship between phenomena and the observer; that this relationship closes the distinctions between, not just the observer and the observed, but ultimately defines events in the universe as inseparable from all beings and events of any description in the system.

This suggests that if one were totally interfaced (living in this insight without limits as being one with the Father or in Nirvana) predictions even of the power to predict would occur in every case. In fact, there would be no prediction at all because every space-time event would be perceived simultaneously and equally though particularized at will. Insight consciousness has no past, present or future so any point in time and space is always visible, regardless of the viewer’s location.

Interesting to note that the limitations of prediction (not insight viewing) have to do with how much insight on a system, say a human. The more your physical being gets adjusted by insight the less conditioning (karma) effects your behavior. We learned early on that intelligence can’t be predicted; just cleverness and how you’ll expresses the effects of that intelligence in your person.

just because in the causeless/timeless everything is perceived without motion/time as in a dream as it is all consciousness. So, touching on the “miracle” process again, a particularized image in that consciousness (say an atom or a child) is willed to “spin” and so becomes subject to space and time and all that. In the beginning everything is a virgin birth.

Astrology clearly reflects our composite model of the universe: the grosser the phenomena the more predicable.

We’re really trying to sketch a unified picture of a number of seemingly unrelated phenomena that escape a mechanical, mathematical theoretical explanation but actually have a common empirical ground. Things like psychic perception and events; miracles where commonplace laws of nature appear defied; “occult” systems of prediction; energy generated by yogis or certain martial artists greater than the sum of the chemical energy of the living system.

1) Proposition: that certain astrological criteria are an empirical basis for linking spacetime with non-spacetime where our universe is contained in a timeless “zipfile.” Planets, etc. and derived abstractions like mid-points, angular subdivisions of the ecliptic, etc. interact geometrically over time and certain consistent classes of effects are noted. What would happen if Mars went out of orbit it being struck or even destroyed by some asteroid? It would change the solar system but your horoscope would function with the “imaginary” Mars in place regardless. It would function as abstractions like midpoints do, and so on.

2) Consider a subway car (or whatever) running fairly on time such that we can say that about 15 min. ago it was at the 125th street station, now it’s here at 63rd and in 10 min. it will reach 34th street. Let’s say there are no problems on the line so our time “predictions” past and future have a good basis, etc. Astrological insight and associated symbolic meanings are similar to being able to say that, e.g., at 125th passenger Joe sneezed and dropped his paper. We see that here, at 63rd, he’s doing the crossword puzzle but that he won’t finish because he’ll be mugged a few minutes before he reaches 34th. We must be clear, the causal principles in astrology are not subject to alteration in the accepted sense, i.e., the “karmic” energy will express itself in the progressed aspect regardless of attempts to alter the outcome by foreknowledge. There are myriad examples of this effect; e.g., recently I told a student that in x week of y month she would gain a surprising sum of money either by promotion or sheer luck but not both. She was offered a promotion at that time which she rejected because of the responsibility. I had the sinking feeling of “well what happened to the windfall?” The next day she won a pool for a significant percentage of her yearly salary. Results like this are consistent, persistent repeating over and over in the 30 years I’ve studied astrology.

I’d done a year-by-year progressed sequence of a former basketball player with a bad back and discovered a clear basis for recurrences of a spinal cord displacement that often left him semi-paralyzed. The next crisis looked to be a certain number of months ahead (at that time) and we determined to thwart the event. On the fatal day he laid in bed, attended by his wife, lying flat and not sitting up. All went well until she set a glass of orange juice on the floor beside him and he reached for it instantly frozen and had to be helped to the emergency room yet again. It was a good lesson for both of us. The deeper the level of conditioning

Ideal proofs of the insight field’s primacy might be to go to Vegas and win roulette on every spin; jump off the roof and land like a feather; walk on water; do loaves and fishes, cure cancer at a glance, etc. over and over again bearing in mind the variations aren’t due to chance. Chance means missing an ordering principle. [8] Looked at more closely Einstein’s comment that the Old One (God) doesn’t play dice with the universe translates into: the one thing God cannot do is play dice with anything. We’re trying to develop the notion that when any of us is totally open to insight (enlightenment) there’s no surprise for us in the dice we roll either. All of us are the universe in the same sense waves are the sea.

So we’re looking at a world without accidents where perceptual failures account for chaos and random events.[9] As a boy I remember a physics teacher talking about random normalization saying that if he spun the globe on his desk and I put my finger down there was a 30 percent chance I’d put my finger down on an image of land. I felt almost angry for no reason I understood. I insisted I couldn’t put my finger down randomly. The principle of averages that Casinos and New York State depends on to bilk money from willing victims breaks down empirically in the face of persistent winners of games requiring no skill to play or by normal average losers who win at predicable times. Yes, we can show that they win at predicable times. [10] Plus total losers who really never win. “Mush” in “A Bronx Tale.”

Trying to press all this into probability is as obtuse as trying to write an equation for creativity. So finding expressions for this is crucial. There is nothing less random. The statistical probability really refers to the mix of winners and losers who happen to show up ignorant of their true status. Similarly, dealing with radioactive decay rates there’s again no evidence pro or con on the age of individual atoms so the equation Psurv (t) = 0.5t/t ½ describes without reference to age or the possibility of “illness/weakness or superior health” in atoms which are no more likely to be identical than snowflakes. [11]

Let’s liken astrology to one half-built bridge over a seeming chaos that actually mirrors perfect order. More cases and definitions: we need to show there are reasonably repeatable and so predictable experiments to demonstrate that the arithmetic of astrology + metaphor + insight (observer) = verifiable results in a space/time format, perhaps. This is the heart of the astrological exposition that planets, stars, etc., are at once descriptive, symbolic and interactive. Bear in mind that the 7 basic planets include the sun and the moon because they are representing qualities of consciousness and reflect what are called the “Archangels.” The top, one is the sun, which some scriptural mystics assert is the being called Yahweh AKA the Old Testament Lord your God who is touted as somewhat jealous and resentful; not to be confused with the absolute Father. Here’s a version of a Psalm, which relates to astrology.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork. Day unto day the heavens uttereth speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no language on earth where those voices are not heard.
They speak to the end of the world. In heaven hath He set a tabernacle for the sun, which is as a bridegroom coming out of his chamber….

All these consciousnesses, potent as they may be, like the rest of us “float” in the absolute consciousness that sustains space/time without particularity containing all information without respect to time.

The movement of the symbolic bodies whose complex relationship to our world and all life and change marks off the dates of events as they metaphorically and geometrically intersect with one another and other defined points in our surrounding spatial environment like pinholes. We are not saying these are literal holes and that the universe or solar system is a hollow sphere where inter-dimensional energy leaks in from “outside.” This would be an absurd and unpleasant model to take literally. These are intense concentrations of divine/insight energy. Life pours in through the sun. Picture an intelligence, say, Mercury, which expresses the details of the mentation of billions of beings on earth. Imagine Venus expressing the complex feelings of the same plus all the rest of the orbs not to mention the interactive geometrical relationships defined in the heavens by stars and midpoints.

Consciousness is admitted at these spatial reference points with a specific focus. To say we swim in a superconscious sea like fish and the wave metaphor and so on is misleading in that it suggests that insight is 3 dimensional. Also the apparently abstract mathematically generated points have the same influence as the actual positions of heavenly objects. It’s an as if: our spatial model defines certain types of characteristics (which are loosely defined and metaphorically expressed by the symbols) in the space/time mix. Saturn/cold, slow…Mars/hot, quick…. The insight energy coming into our universe focuses the formation of certain characteristics human and otherwise. This defines our space/time [12] world and is absorbed and shaped by each individual being or thing or event. It depends on the “observer/participant” for form. That’s the key. The repeating-unrepeating nature of the incoming matrix prevents even the most seeming solid characteristics of world and beings from fixing their nature indefinitely.

The same reasons hold for all generally repeatable predictive and self-expressing systems like Indian astrology, which uses a fractionalization of the sidereal zodiac defined by the birth time where each fraction has a meaning equivalent to planet combinations in our tropical system. The Chinese system involves fractionalizing time down to seconds beginning with the year of, say, the Dragon then the month, say, the Boar through the birth week, maybe horse, then the day, hour, minute and so on. The ancient Arabs developed midpoints between planets and other mathematical/geometric points. The results of all the methods yield equivalent descriptions of personality and past and future events though European arcs and progressions show the greatest precision in prediction timing especially when you get to horary astrology.

Quite consistently, accurate prediction starts to fail the higher into the dream dimensions/universes/heavenworlds/bundles we move.[13] Talented astrologers have long noted that the more conditioned a particular human characteristics is the easier to predict the future results of that parameter in the everyday. You can’t predict insight, i.e., intelligence, compassion, etc. You can’t predict the timeless with a clock-based system whether inertial or gravitational; relative motion won’t offset progressed aspects. [14] Sickness, death, a bad year, a big win, romance, etc. are deeply rooted in habits and or nature itself and wait on the physical insight infusions when geometrically available AKA karma. These infusions energize the conditioned areas of personality and environment that the observer/participants have built into this space/time world by repetitive use of these energies in particular ways. “All the world’s a stage….”

Out of the fogs of human nonsense an at once silly and fearful truth emerges: each of us is a lens for focusing the infinite and unrepeating into the finite. So it’s not your parents that screw you up, not DNA (ancestors) training, or sad old “evolution”. The observer mixes the incoming energy according to his conditioning; he doesn’t have to do this but he or she does it anyway under the freewill statute. We all do. Almost all. The deep conditioning or Karma operates without regard to your choices, of course.

After studying astrology (originally against my better judgment) for awhile

I began doing the charts of total strangers for free – about 2 per week for 3 years. I wanted to test these unsettling and remarkable results. My big rule was I didn’t want to know anything about the person beforehand so the “experiment” would be pretty clean.

One day a woman (the friend of a friend of a friend) walked into my pathetic home office and I looked at the geometric interactions (movements of her chart after birth) that had taken place years ago and in a rush of words told her, more or less:

“Your husband doesn’t know this and almost no one else but when you were 17 you met a dark-skinned (black/Hispanic) man and, concealing the relationship from friends and family, had sex with him causing pregnancy. Then you saw a doctor who was a senior citizen with a long, harsh, bony face and thin lips that treated you to an abortion and lots of abusive, harsh language concerning what a whore and disgrace you were. You bled for days after and had to go to a hospital. Almost no one, to this day, knows about this. Including your present husband. Your family threatened you with being put away in a mental hospital.” I could have been an inspired blackmailer, I suppose. She actually fainted. This was a big secret. It scared me more than her.

So how could that happen? The brain is a filter for consciousness rather than a source and gives that individual twist to the incoming insight.

Nine months before Nixon resigned I passed a newsstand and noticed a headline about the developing Watergate business. I did a certain type of chart I’d been studying and told anyone who’d listen that in 9 months the President would be out of office. And so it proved, as the ancients used to say.

Let’s look at a few more examples since our object is not to build up a fortune telling business but to help establish a general theory.

How could this happen: my then wife came in and said “grandma is feeling sick and is going to the doctor. Can you tell me anything about it?” I knew no details. I did a chart and was forced to say it looked like she had a fatal lung problem and would be dead in 5 months. And so it proved.

Again: in the same unpleasant vein I did a chart about a neighbor with a bad cough whose fiancée was sending him to the doctor. I only told my immediate family what I saw because it was clear he was doomed within a year. Lung cancer and so it proved. I didn’t want to believe this and tried to tell myself I’d erred or the chart wasn’t “radical” and so on.[15]

There were many cases like these. The point is you generally can tell a great deal about a future or past event with no previous information and be no more or less accurate with the past than the future; the equivalence of the unmoving dream/insight consciousness. While working on a film project I once told actor Gene Hackman that in 8 or 9 months he would become a major and enduring star because of a breakthrough aspect focused at that time. I had no idea that one of biggest hits of that decade co-starring him was going to be released then. I once told a family that their newborn son would save a drowning man out in the ocean when he was 9 years old. I forgot all about it but they didn’t and called me 9 years later when it happened. He saved no one before or since.

I lost a wallet and actually recovered it using a strange, ancient horary chart system where you define spatial directions from which planet is where at what time; ended up driving 28 miles from home and pacing east, west, etc. Such and such a distance (like following a mad map) until the object was actually located. As advertised we are not “psychic.” A psychic uses the same insight energy but more directly and with less defining structure and reliability.

Positron annihilation forms the basis for the medical imaging technique called a PET (positron emission tomography) scan, in which a positron-emitting chemical is injected into the patient and mapped by the emission of gamma rays where it accumulates in the body.

But we actually can do a chart where the result of the test from the patient’s POV is obvious without testing. Look, even the relativity so-called “twin paradox’ (not actually a paradox) [16] is explained from our POV by simply showing that wherever in space/time any astronaut happens to be whether accelerating or relatively at rest, the astrological clock ticking on earth cannot be escaped. Superseding synchronicity. Because there is no meaning in distance respecting insight if he’s set up for cutting himself shaving on xyz earth frame of reference time he (simultaneously, instantaneously, take your pick of struggling words) will cut himself.

Once you conceive that there is a timeless, causeless field of ubiquitous action and utter intelligence focused through moving “pinholes” [17] into time and space it becomes clear that consciousness is focused, not produced by an electro-chemical lump in your skull derived from animal matter. You can then really distinguish between what can and cannot be learned and remembered. [18] We see that insight is the same in all cases though results of insight vary according to time, place and the conditioning of the “insightee.” Laws of nature obviously don’t vary for men, women, various races, etc. What would be the difference between Mexican or African-American or Italian values for Pi? Metaphors can have the same purity: without “liner notes” Christ’s essential parables don’t reveal his sex, age or even his religious background.

The sooth of the words proves nothing about the sayer, per se. If the metaphors are like a window into truth then you and I may see clearly how and why they were uttered without the smog of religion if and when insight shines in. When you start believing in people and ideas you might as well take 2 aspirin and go to bed or take up politics and preaching.

While there are no images or sensations associated with astrological prediction it’s easy to see that the insight field easily encompasses so-called “psychic” phenomena.

What happens when you’re born and when you die? It seems to be the same except consciousness (being) is no longer focused through a space/time physical form. Interesting. We can move (without introducing any new assumptions) into pre and post death phenomenology.

1) When you’re born a lens to focus insight is created.

2) At death the “dream memory” of your life rejoins the matrix and retains its essential form and content. There’s every reason to suppose this collection of qualities can be refocused into human or other forms at various points in our space/time with a new “etheric gas tank,”

3) As the brain is a memory machine size doesn’t matter so far as creative intelligence is concerned. Insight is clearly not brain dependant. [19]

4) How do we know the “dream memory” is preserved?

Without introducing any new assumptions we can say that intelligence/order/insight, etc. operates according to the demands living systems place on it. Hit your fist against a brick then note how small people with small and not overly calloused hands can break the same brick. There’s no actual trick for anyone who’s done it. Repeatedly. There’s an energy focus sensation reminiscent of my car experiences and this force or focus or whatever shatters the brick, board or whatever. It’s not a brain-activated function. The Japanese say this “chi” or “ki” enters through the belly, [20] which is to say it is subject to space/time transformations.

Without introducing any new assumptions we can say that phenomena like Our Lady of Fatima, non-physical UFO encounters, angelic beings of diverse types are covered by expressions derived from astrology, palm reading, martial arts, Tarot cards, quantum physics, Kabala, I Ching, etc. etc. So, again, we’re saying “miracles” are ordinary and it is the conditioned perceptual and definitional mechanisms we develop that suppress their ubiquity in favor of less threatening approaches – not just in science, of course.

My life (whatever its ultimate value) wasn’t preserved in those crashes (and other times) by macrocosmic quantum events like the photonic scatter on a digital camera. That is what happened but not why.

Remember our globe universe with rigid virtually inertialess rods defining all its coordinate systems; let’s say that what lies “outside” (in our 4-D metaphor) is light. It is no accident that light is the defining measure of the causal universe. [21] So we come back to “dreamlight.” Let us be as clear as we can: if all light is physical it must have a velocity in every circumstance so we try to discover how fast it moves in a dream environment. We set up our dream tools and have a go. Problem is everything there is clearly made of the same and temporally homogeneous stuff so there is no distance issue and clearly no velocity. Consciousness obviously can’t measure itself relative to itself. Again, without introducing any new assumptions, except psychologically, there is no time or space in any dimension of consciousness, that is, each of the 7 layers that interface us and reflect different qualities. These qualities are defined in the paradigm of the qualities of the planets and the nature of the chakras.

There can be no point in our infinite referential system not equally subject to insight/light so any form of dreamworld effectively manifests instantly with respect to space/time.[22] Our metaphoric construct of rigid coherent rods can now be taken down like tent poles leaving us with, at last, our version of “aether” interpenetrating all time and space. When a loved one (it happened to me) appears in a dream and says, “I’m dead and it’s fine” and the next day you learn the loved one indeed died during that night you don’t call for a physicist or shrink.

So it follows that all things are animated by insight/light and so “even these stones can speak” because all things are consciousness. So the physical imprint of this effect creates dimensional holograms of ourselves and everything else. Everything has an aura. Each level of the aura contains not higher intelligence (since there’s only one) but what amount to worlds or environments reflected by the various metaphoric planets: the Mars world, Venus, Mercury, etc. The idea is that in each of those consciousness environments it’s as if you go to a world in a dream whose events are not determined by you, your memories, conditioning, and so on.

Because of this effect marks on the human body (like the palm or in the eye, etc.) suggest “zip files” condensing future history from the moment of inception.[23] That “marks” in nature are similar allowing omens; that heavenly geometry does the same such that all conditioned qualities reflecting the past and future of spacetime events and definitions are “written.” To decipher this information we have to combine these metaphoric constructs and apply (or attract) insight. Put the other way, divine intelligence illuminates the metaphor.

All around and within us the infinite is unfolding irreducible terms where we are symbiotic consciousnesses. Insight’s function is to dissolve theories and shatter conditioning, to break the grip of the past on perception and apprehension. The known is memory and the more rigid we are the more we cling to past-based constructs that are intrinsically false. Enlightenment/divine intelligence continually acts to break down conditioning, neutralize the effects of the past and fill us with itself, the total perfection you dimly sense in moments of creation, of perception, near death that leave you suffused with a joy not of the senses or time.

Really, the astrologically expressed human (or physical event) is like a complex atom where we can discover the electron in that “fuzzy quantum cloud” without really knowing its true form from our metaphoric POV. Further, insight/consciousness/divine light expresses all phenomena in all dimensions and so all phenomena can be directly and instantly perceived. By what instrument? By the same consciousness because this light is causative. If perception literally creates an atom then you surely know what it looks like and if you know you can’t be wrong. [24]

Even the replication of miracles does not prove the truth of the message. Witnessing a miracle is not performing one. Listening to an enlightened or “divine” being doesn’t make you one and if you are not yourself how can you be certain about another? It’s well reasoned that the disciples witnessed the risen Christ else they would never have gone through agonizing martyrdoms alone in remote parts of the world for a lie and because of the circumstances how could they have been deceived? No one ever survived Roman crucifixion.

This is still insufficient because all it can do is add to your confidence in the teachings and you already knew from various other miracles that the physical body was subject to the will of “higher” consciousness. Seeing can be believing but never knowing. Inference suggests there is something to look for and we can believe in the need to seek. Personal revelation is needed to make it real. This is not faith.

In science one accepts as fact and real various approximations, guesses and questionable and/or speculative evidence while strict physical evidence is always demanded of UFO investigators or those who take a keen interest in things like Bigfoot, spiritualists, etc. but not required from cosmologists or astronomers, for the most part leaving them free to calculate and speculate with gay abandon and so we find the planet Mars in 100 years going from crisscrossed by canali and maybe inhabited by boys with big lungs and bad intentions through utterly dead back to there seems to be water, some atmosphere, at least past life and there may even be waterflows at various times and places so some things may be alive and well on the Red Planet. Some of this information resulted from strictly physical material, of course.

We depend so much on extensions of visual information in science and elsewhere. Imagine scientific paparazzi sneaking up to capture the transfiguration of Christ with video equipment, spectroscopes, and so on. The result would prove no more than the testimony of the disciples, nothing that couldn’t be faked. We would have blurry images, readings on various devices none of which could detect anything but the most superficial aspects of such a transformation involving the immeasurable. Even if it showed glorious, blinding, pure light defining a holy host and recorded voices raised in hosannas or showed energy emissions inconsistent with the mundane this is less useful than human testimony because 1) no device or system can analyze outside of time and space and 2) living beings resonate through insight outside of time and space. It could be blamed on F.F.Coppola’s brethren or computer nerds.

In the end miracles don’t prove the message unless you can perform them yourself.

“Flesh,” says Jesus, “is born of flesh; spirit gives birth to spirit.”

Which reinforces the idea of action in time within timeless consciousness. While he speaks generally in parables and precepts he tells the disciples they have direct knowledge of divine nature that has been revealed and thus released within them. The idea is that, as with the image of the self-blocking light bulbs, enlightenment, genius, spiritual awakening is yours for the asking and someone like Jesus, a perfect teacher, assists you with the questions. Creativity, discovery in any form is a negative capacity in spacetime: you shut up, look, listen without resistance, without imposing some wish or theory on nature even the nature of your mind. “Knock and it shall be opened unto you, seek and ye shall find….”

If you move the blocking of your history, conditioning then your bulb will be reborn into light. You will be “as angels.”

“You hear the wind but cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going [25] which is how it is with things born of the spirit.”

Insight is causeless and like gravity has influence but no impact and is only detectable by its effects. You cannot fill a jar with gravity and take it away; annoying as it may be for quantum physicists it is no way a wave/particle subject to conservation laws, rather it is consistent with metaphor insight consciousness which cannot be contained.

Unlike gravity insight can’t be predicted so the relationship between insight and gravity is illustrative but that between light and insight is explicit and much of what we’re looking to develop here hinges on that.

There’s no good reason to assume that the binding force of atomic nuclei is not gravity. The relatively vast space among atomic phenomena (not little imaginary Bohr balls) suggests that the cumulative effect of atoms in any collection could well average to the macro mass attraction we measure and expect. So the space-bending intensity of neutron stars as giant atoms follows quite neatly as they would replicate the intensity of the atomic binding force. This would define the core of gravity.

In spacetime gravity is ubiquitous but are there places where photons are inactive? Where is there no light? In the heart of dense matter or the human brain, say? Really, no. Photons are emitted everywhere under various conditions because of the vast sub-atomic spaces but if emitted coherently in, say, the human brain they can’t be a direct source of image memory because what eye would receive them? The replay of memory is a kind of semi-permanent afterimage. Observe the sudden transition as you’re falling asleep between the relatively dim memories and the sudden all-encompassing light of a dream? That light in clearly non-photonic. Nothing in your brain could produce such intense light anymore than the visionary’s “light of ten thousand suns.”

Non-photonic or dreamlight is out of time and space and the idea is that putting a spin on any of it would create photons. To explain 7 levels of increasingly subtle light requires that the “father” the pure insight interpenetrates all levels and that while intelligence remains the same for all life forms only power and knowledge varies: “as above so below.”

` Nighttime dreams are the bottom of the dimensional layers and obviously contain personal life elements and can be used in divination though they reveal key elements of atemporal/acausal environments. What is the common frame of reference among all systems of divination? What links dreams, palm markings, astrology, numerology (Cabbala) omen taking, geomancy, I CHING, etc. with both the spirit and universal quantum field expressions?

First, they all plug in to the general timeless no-time/no-space field. This field, as discussed, is not itself insight but contains all past and present information (from any point-of-view) so no matter how refined the consciousness in any dimension only the creative awareness that penetrates everything, everywhere forever can reveal the meaning of any image or system being contemplated. To requote:

[24] For wisdom is more mobile than any motion; because of her pureness she pervades and penetrates all things.

1) Dreams are direct components of the field so insight plus dream images can equal prevision of spacetime events. “Can” because the viewer may always block the insight, pull the drapes against the light.

2) The Old Testament mentions God put marks on people that their natures and doings might be visible. This covers palm reading and eye reading etc. The marks are there from birth and (on one hand or eye) alter during the course of any life reflecting “progressions” as in astrology, that is, changes over time. Since it can be shown that readings of events are highly predicable although with varying precision depending on the nature of the thing predicted and the skill (insight) of the predictor. Let’s restate that one cannot predict intelligence only the ways a person may express it and the simper and more conditioned the person or the area of life being considered the easier the prediction such as sex drives, obsessions, compulsions, physical health, inescapable world events and the like are blunt karma, i.e., so deeply fixed as to be inescapable – the crucifixion is the ideal example.

3) Numerology, Cabbala, is best understood as vibrational where letters represent sounds whose frequency reflects the planets and combinations of the planets, the “music of the spheres” so-called.


We look like layered ovals (in some cases) or circles of quantized “dreamlight”[26] except for the physical reflection: body, brain, etc. This is roughly what secondsighters and sages and saints and so forth have been saying since the Vedas were written - a long time ago. Generally Second sight functions like Quantum physics in its wonderful mix of uncertainty and fearsome accuracy. But, if and when all the layers (CE1…7) fuse then we have something even better than absolute determinacy because that awareness is indistinguishable from any phenomena[27] whether sub-atomic, macro-cosmic or super-cosmic. This Vedic Universe manifesting through what we’re calling light is self-expression without self.

Seers and so forth across the ages have generally agreed (through empirical observation, it seems) that this human aura [28] is an ovoid bundling of its various layers [29] tailing off into the general “universe” or “dimension” defined by each bundle with names like (after the physical) astral body, causal body, mental body and locking into the “chakras.” [30] So we can talk about (with the same assumptions as ever) how this auric structure resembles, say, an atom in the sense that each individual collects from each dimension energy, insight, etc. into a bundle that is formed from what amounts to a “sea” of light and is expressed in a wave-particle format. [31] So, again, we’re all made of the same stuff, quantized (individualized) and share the infinite consciousness that expresses itself through our particular natures and the more we allow the insight in (by not trying to consistently impose a conditioned perception of reality whether physical, spiritual, artistic or scientific)[32] the more flexible our minds become in response and so more intelligent. Consider piano playing: you can’t think about how to do it and do it. You have to have developed many flexible internal programs so that musical insight is expressed as directly as a kung-fu move or a baseball swing….

What might beings from across the Universe look like? [33] One suspects the same regardless of the physical element: laminated bundles of increasingly subtle energy. In the true sense no one can be smarter than anybody else. Insight is infinite and utterly equal. The inequality results from how often you use and how open you are to insight. Insight reprograms the conditioned, remembering, physical brain in the sense that it establishes flexibility. Pure programmable intelligence is part of the steroid, evolutionary view, i.e., if you know more, think faster, etc. you’re more intelligent than X. But it’s easy to show (I hope we have) that no mechanical system, however refined and swift, can have insight. Therefore the mechanical elements of human conceptions based on mere knowledge are as limited as a one-legged ballet dancer. The idea that “advanced” aliens coming to our world would give us all inferiority complexes is pretty funny. [34] All insight is equivalent. Only tech nerds and Schwarzenegger evolutionists would have to worry. [35] Can one imagine progress in poetic or any metaphors? Are Shakespeare’s or Donne’s conceits less deep than Robert Frost’s? Since truth is timeless ever-changing and forever only mechanical things can develop along evolutionary lines. This is so critical to consider.

So we are layers of physicality, dream-stuff and, ultimately, a layer-less, unconditioned, infinite and pure insight. I like this better than the Schwarzenegger/Darwin “muscle-building” scenario. So when the author hit (or missed or transcended the big truck) the shadowy (6 notches down) physical format was sucked past relative and limited destruction by the 6 ascendingly more potent layers of actual being.

See how far we can get without invoking religion or randomness or Big Bang [36]or teeny bang or mysticism or determinism? Let’s call truth a relay race. We hope that another, really gifted runner, takes up this baton and really goes somewhere with it. I hope I see the Promised Land I won’t actually live to make matzo in.

[1] The famous Scopes Monkey Trial where a Tennessee teacher forbidden to teach evolutionary theories took the case to court and international publicity in the 1930’s. Terrific acting on both sides in the classic film “Inherit the Wind.” There was a lot of wind involved.

[2] This disregarding is at the heart of practical mechanics and measurement: our basic equations can never be absolutely true but the variations are locally slight. We’re concerned with cases where the local variations are huge.

[3] Plus, as the car slowed I would have fallen away from the exterior curve of rotation unless I hit in the same spot each time in which case I would have been slammed into the glass and metal each time. Not pretty. At any other point at impact I’d have transferred momentum again and again and looked like a squashed tomato at the end.

[4] If something interfaces the “dream dimension one up” it’s out of time and space so there’s no apparent release of energy.

[5] A lifetime favorite we first heard at lunch with Jeddu Krishnamurti, Bohm, et al, goes: God and the Devil are strolling. A man up ahead stoops down and picks something up. The Devil is delighted. “Why are you so happy?” wonders the Lord. “He just found the Truth,” exclaims the Devil. “This makes you happy?” “Yes. I’m going to help him organize it.”

[6] Say coherent light. Even if not absolutely massless it would have to be a pretty long rod before it became hard to push on its axis or took on wave shapes when you wiggled it. It would lose energy to cosmic dust but no biggie from our POV.

[7] If you sent a laser rod (beam) any distance to a receiver (assuming engineering) since it can’t fan out and dissipate like say a flashlight and as it can’t exceed its own velocity (being c) when you push it forward on its axis this addition must instantly affect its energy/frequency just as if we were in close proximity so why not set up a direct phone line to Alpha Centauri with no delay in transmission? Suppose you push it at near c, would that be a “hot line”? What would happen if it was reflected directly back as in the repeat experiment when the beam finds its way back just as it went out? Relative motion would not be a big factor here.

[8] Like card-counting in Blackjack.

[9] Really nothing is weaker in phenomenology than the application of “randomness” as an explanation of events. Consider the decay rates of atomic nuclei: the argument has been made that they are all identical because no one has found a way to demonstrate otherwise and that, therefore, these entities decay at different rates as if randomness were a force rather than a general approximation based on inadequate information or perception. Like creating actuarial tables based on absolute equality of history and age, etc.

[10] This banishes randomness since one “atom” is not like another.

[11] Statistical probability cannot be produced by a conscious being, a priori.

[12] In a sense, an infinite all-permutational set for each event, individual being, construct and system in the universe. Detection systems like astrology are ongoing experiments.

[13] It’s a nice irony that the very thing that frees prediction is unpredictable.

[14] A well-known woman took her son on a world-circling flight in an attempt to defuse a progression in his chart. It would be like trying to cure cancer by walking backwards and thus losing time.

[15] So-called “bad” aspects (specific geometrical relationships between astrologically defined points) are stronger than “good” since if we imagine any wave forms intersecting one another at 90 degrees or meeting at 180 the amount of interference is demonstrably greater than at say 120 – the best of “good.” aspects.

[16] The idea was that if one twin goes away from earth at close to the speed of light and comes back that the twin on earth would have aged more that the traveler. It’s strange that grown-up scientists would have considered this notion for a moment since relativity establishes that the motion is equivalent for both the only difference being acceleration which ages you so it’s more likely the speeding twin would age more. You don’t need synchronistic recalibrations to see this.

[17] Planets, stars and abstract points/subdivisions operate similarly in prediction; the notion that some purely physical energy like gravity or waves, light etc. is causing worldly events like winning the academy award and so on is silly. We’re talking about a metaphoric paradigm. An eclipse is a perfect example where a specific quality of insight consciousness is symbolically blocked and/or combined (lunar eclipse) then re-released creating a major pulse effect.

[18] We obviously only remember the result of an insight which is why metaphors composed of the same elements produce a changing comprehension in a limited reflection of infinite permutations.

[19] In sports and martial arts reactions are too quick to think about. No one can think, in this sense, and play the piano or even drive a car and since this all requires responding to fluidly changing situations (like creativity itself) and memory, thought is suppressed or overridden. The notion that you develop synaptic constellations to react with is defeated by the speed of reaction required. As boxers age, for example, they talk about seeing “openings” but being unable to move fast enough to take advantage. What this means is that the physical system is battered to the point where thinking has caught up with reaction.

[20] If a brain is damaged severely before or after birth we all know the limitations of the victim’s life functions but insight must still operate independently even if mainly in the “dream” dimensions. In a coma with zero brain function (as measured electrically) insight would operate as it does after physical death as it is independent of cause and effect in a space/time description.

[21] The levels ought to be looked at the way electron energy defines its space. The 7 level (assumed) spiritual auric bundling needs to be defined in some such terms.

[22] There’s no reason to assume each bundle lacks laws of nature within its distinct universe affecting motion, conservation of energy and so on in a mirroring paradigm. These are not sleeping dreamworlds but structured environments.

[23] As in events, ideas, birth, etc.

[24] This doesn’t contradict passive observation since creation is obviously not interference.

[25] For confirmation turn on the weather channel.

[26] Maybe reflecting the circle to ellipse model suggested by atoms through drops of dew, planets solar systems to galaxies and even universes…. These are real images.

[27] Every function in every universe is a light expression as if (very crudely) the idea is the thing-in-itself. CE is a first approximation as in commonplace dreaming where structures, beings, obscure activities, meanings, seemingly solid definitions of perceived reality (in others words, reality) are emerging from either your own or a shared consciousness. Project this on (apparent) physical reality and you have far more than just a metaphor for the deranged human models of the world we all live with. Let’s say tales told by a dreaming idiot full of ideas and violence, signifying nothing or very little at best.

[28] Though all life-forms would have to have one.

[29] Each layer or level can probably be assigned some vibratory definition once somebody has a math for “dreams.”

[30] Umbilical bundle nexi that have approximate corresponding locations (like a series of energy navels) that map on the physical body. When Yogis and so forth talk about “awakening” these chakras the effect is to allow perception and operation in these bands or worlds. Our physical “belly button” is another physical reflection of higher bands expressed as the metaphor mother of my body, mother of my soul.

[31] Again, understanding the laws of nature for such things opens an unimaginably rich frontier – an infinite one, in fact. While Pauli’s principle might apply to all collections of wave/particles how could it possibly hold for compacting the wave-forms that compose such bundles? Maybe for the same reason it cannot apply to photons. The issue is not really ½ integer whole integer spin. Again, Hans Jenny’s images come to mind. We simply cannot assume photons, electrons, et al, have no interior structure and that this is not relevant just because we can’t see such things. There’s so much we can’t see or even detect much less prove that’s still undeniable. Imagine an extension of fiber optic principles where photons could not simply be contained but compressed? Imagine an energy optic globe containing a glass of light reduced almost instantly to a molecular pea. Could our theoretical photon “soup” manifest?

[32] For example, anyone who has serious looked into Spontaneous Human Combustions (luckily rare) realizes the data can’t support “debunking.” Debunking, as noted, refers to attempts to reduce unique or new or hidden variations in presumed reality to some pre-existing system or other of the debunker’s choice, is unscientific in the post 1700 AD sense, and resists the spread or awakening of insight intelligence.

[33] It’s instructive to look at the Science-fiction genre where imagination is often mistaken for intelligence. As put in our textbook THE LOGIC OF POETRY (McGraw-Hill, 1974) imagination is the recombining of the known in various forms. Insight is the unknown because in expression it can never be the same twice. The unknown can never be imagined, obviously.

[34] If you could go back to Sir Isaac’s time with a self-contained laptop computer you could show him a few things, yes, but would you be brighter? Same with DaVinci, Plato…anybody ever.

[35] Because people want to structure a familiar environment while the light that orders the universe creates constant change evolution is inserted to reassure the psyche that, somehow, this activity is going in some human-friendly direction. Survival is pretty silly: so there are still sharks, roaches, people, etc. but if there were not there would be something else. Where’s the real comfort in this? Without re-incarnation who cares if creatures go on if you’re gone? Identifying with the persistence of related life-forms is deranged. Like killing yourself if the Yankees lose.

[36] One perfection of Relativity is the fact that all systems remain consistent regardless of motion. The Bang leaves us with distant stars and galaxies moving at truly relativistic velocities with respect to one another. We may be doing 90% of c or it’s the other guy. I once tried getting out of a traffic ticket by making that argument.